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Veterinary Internal Medicine

summerville veterinary internal medicine

Despite the very best preventive wellness care, animals can still get sick. When this happens, it is stressful for both you and your pet, especially because you can’t simply ask your companion what’s wrong. You need a skilled veterinarian whom you can trust to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your pet.

Everything in the canine and feline bodies work together to make up complex, ever-changing machines. One system affects another, and if you don’t look at the whole picture, something could be missed. Therefore, an important part of Sweetgrass Animal Hospital's services includes the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases that can affect your pet's internal organs and body systems. The experienced veterinarians, supported by advanced diagnostic technology, are able to identify and effectively treat a wide range of complex internal diseases.

Allergies and Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

Allergies are quite common in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds, typically due to fleas, but can also be the result of food or inhaled irritants like dust or pollen. And because we're located in the low country, something is always blooming year-round—meaning a greater risk of allergy symptoms. Using the latest in veterinary medicine, we are capable of diagnosing and treating a range of pet allergies with the goal of providing long-term relief for your pet.

Symptoms of Pet Skin Allergy

It is important to be able to identify the first signs and symptoms of allergies and dermatological conditions. These include:

  • Scratching, licking, chewing or biting the skin, feet and ears
  • Red, raised, scaly areas on the skin
  • Bumps, crusts or pus-filled vesicles on the skin
  • Increased skin pigmentation
  • Thickened skin
  • Loss of hair
  • Salivary staining (brown color)
  • Head shaking

Left untreated, allergic reactions and skin conditions can become serious medical concerns. If your pet exhibits any of the symptoms above, please make an appointment to have him or her seen by Dr. Shannon and the experienced medical team at Sweetgrass Animal Hospital. We will evaluate your pet, determine the most effective method of treatment and explain how you can prevent future problems.

Pet Glaucoma Prevention in Summerville

Pet Glaucoma Prevention in Summerville

Glaucoma is a common condition in which the fluid pressure inside the eye increases, resulting in damage to the optic nerve, followed by loss of vision or blindness. There are two types of glaucoma. Primary or chronic glaucoma is hereditary or develops as your pet ages. Secondary or acute glaucoma develops as the result of an injury or illness. Because secondary glaucoma can progress rapidly, it is considered an emergency situation.

Symptoms of glaucoma include:

  • Redness in the eye
  • Tearing or discharge
  • Eye sensitivity to light
  • Pain
  • Cloudy-looking eye
  • Bulging eyeball

The Importance of Glaucoma Screening

The skilled veterinarians at Sweetgrass Animal Hospital recommend that your pet receive a glaucoma exam as part of his or her regular wellness care. The exam is not only an effective screening measure for chronic and acute glaucoma, it can also help set a baseline measurement of your pet's normal intraocular pressure (IOP). Establishing an IOP baseline is important because the normal measurement can vary between species, breeds and even individual pets.

This is a non-invasive, simple procedure that should not cause your pet any pain or discomfort. We apply a mild anesthetic eye drop to ensure your pet is comfortable during the exam.

Behavioral Counseling

Even with the right training and lots of attention and love, your dog or cat can develop bad habits or unwanted behaviors. Please don't make the mistake of believing that you and your family must live with these problems or worse, consider giving up your pet.

At Sweetgrass Animal Hospital, we believe a great deal of behavioral problems can be prevented. Most issues relate to anxiety and environment, and we perform behavioral consultations that give owners the tools to treat their pet's behavioral problem at home.

Nutrition Counseling

Pet Glaucoma Prevention in SummervilleProper nutrition and fresh, clean water are essential ingredients for your pet's overall good health. As your pet's caregiver, nutrition is the most significant health variable that you control.

Feeding your pet the highest-quality food you can afford is one of the best ways you can contribute to his or her health and vitality. Although the differences between premium and budget varieties may not be apparent on their nutrition labels, they are in the quality of the ingredients. Both may contain the same amount of protein but be very different when it comes to digestibility and nutritional value. Making the best nutritional choices for your dog or cat not only effects general health, but will improve the quality and length of your pet's life.

To support your efforts, your veterinarian performs a thorough body-condition evaluation during each physical examination and will provide you with recommendations based on what they see. We can also provide you with important information on proper serving size, nutrient needs and feeding strategies for your individual pet. There are a range of pet food claims that food brands make. Let us help you navigate these claims so you can make the most informed choices.

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