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Preparing Your Dog for a Summerville Vet Appointment

How Do You Prepare Your Dog for a Summerville Vet Appointment?

Do you struggle to take your dog to the vet? If this is the case, it can be hard to make your regular yearly checkups, even though they’re necessary for your dog’s quality of life. Fortunately, some simple techniques you can try will help improve your visit and your pet’s behavior.

Keep reading to learn some simple tips to make your subsequent Summerville vet appointment stress free!

Preparing Your Dog for a Summerville Vet Appointment

Gather Your Documents

To make the most of your visit, it’s recommended to prepare your dog’s medical documentation in advance. This means writing down what medications they’re taking, bringing all previous medical and vaccination records, and writing down any questions and concerns you might have.

You can also opt to bring the medications your dog is taking. Then, when the appointment is over, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you didn’t forget any of the concerns you wanted to address.

Deplete Their Energy

Reactive, anxious dogs often struggle with vet appointments. Still, their struggle becomes even worse if they have a lot of pent-up energy. So an hour or two before your appointment, take your dog on a long walk, allowing them to stop and sniff whenever they get the urge.

By the time of their appointment, they’ll be significantly calmer because they’ll be ready for a nap!

Make It Fun

Lastly, you want your dogs to begin associating the vet with fun things. For example, drive by the vet’s office before the appointment and give your dog treats in the parking lot so they can associate the location with a tasty snack.

After the appointment, give them more treats and take them to their favorite park. This is a reward for going to a vet and a way to help them release their anxious energy before heading home.

Schedule an Appointment with a Reputable Summerville Vet

Taking your dog to regular vet appointments is integral for their quality of life and longevity. This is because, with shorter life spans than humans, dogs can undergo a variety of changes in their health in a relatively short amount of time.

Veterinarians are trained to spot changes in their skin, coat, behavior, and more to treat developing illnesses before they become critical.

Ready to schedule an appointment with us? Contact us today to get started!

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