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Handling Pet Emergencies - Summerville Pet Urgent Care

Handling Pet Emergencies

Summerville Pet Urgent Care

Having a pet emergency is never fun. Stress, panic, and fear rise because your pet is in distress. What can you do to get your pet the best care? The emergency care, believe it or not, starts with you.

Pet First Aid

Knowing first aid for your pet is the best way to be prepared in the event of an emergency. From performing the Heimlich on your dog to setting a splitting for a broken bone to even CPR, pet first aid significantly increases your pet's comfort when transporting them to us and may even save their lives.

Being Prepared

Once you know pet first aid, have a first aid kit ready for your pet. It should have bandages, splints, photocopies of the labels of any medication your pet takes regularly, and over-the-counter medications such as saline eye and ear washes and antibacterial sprays. This makes sure any minor cuts or injuries can easily be handled at home and that you're ready to implement first aid during larger emergencies as needed.

Getting To Us

Once you've stabilized the emergency, get to us as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your emergency, your pet may critically need veterinary care. Always drive carefully when you come to us, and bring a second person to drive if possible so you can attend to your pet. Try to call us quickly so we can be prepared for you when we arrive.

Emergencies are complex and happen quickly, but knowing what to do to get your pet emergency care. We've been serving Summerville with a Pet Urgent Care clinic fully prepared to help in an emergency. Feel free to ask us about our emergency services at your next appointment!

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